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About Me


About Me

Ms. Linsey Benjamin, FNP-BC, APRN, MSN, RN, CDCES, is a Florida State Licensed nurse practitioner holding a certificate in Diabetes Care and Education Specialist from Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education. She is the founder of Advanced Diabetes Education. She holds a bachelor degree of Food Science and Human Nutrition from University of Florida. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Miami and a Master of Science in Nursing from South University. Linsey is passionate about educating people with prediabetes and diabetes to promote wellness. Her approach to diabetes teaching is based on the latest evidence-based guidelines. Linsey believes that building a trust and a good rapport with people can lead to transformation and positive outcomes in diabetes management. She believes in creating a warm, caring, and welcoming environment to everyone.

She has experienced in a diverse clinical setting including but not limited to hospitals, private clinics, outpatient facilities, and home teachings. She is focused on assisting people to gain the confidence they need to self-manage their diabetes on a day-to-day basis. Linsey has experience in helping clients with type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. She strongly believes that diabetes care can only be successful when done through a collaborative team approach with the client being at the center of his/her care. She believes that each education session needs to be individualized and she is committed to help with her whole heart.

Our Mission Statement

It is our diligent interest to ensure that you receive a unique person-centered diabetes education that is well suitable to your needs. Our approach to diabetes education is constantly evolving and is focused on evidence-based guidelines. We want to promote a heartfelt welcoming environment where we assist and provide education necessary to you or your loved ones knowing that each and everyone matters.

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We at Advanced Diabetes Education advise you to consult with your healthcare provider before attempting to make any changes related to your health or diabetes treatment. Receiving diabetes education from us does not or cannot replace your diabetes treatment plan or care from your healthcare provider. Your consent to visit our education website, to agree in receiving diabetes education, and to use any content from our website for your diabetes self-management is absolutely voluntary. We cannot guarantee any refund for education gained from us. If you decide to purchase any diabetes products from us; it is also voluntary. Please know and understand that Advanced Diabetes Education and any person herein are not responsible for any harm or damage to your health. We want to make it clear that you will not file any claims against us or anybody affiliated with us.